Benjamin Kraemer

Ben Kraemer

" Over the last year I have been questioning my place as a mixed-race person of color, and the space that I create and occupy. I've been investigating how my identity has been constructed through images, icons, memory and sentimentality. Through the appropriation of images found on the internet, movies, TV shows, and my own archive of photography and drawings I have been creating an index which I draw upon in my work. This piece is the result of an edited Gerhard Richter painting, a notification from CoStar, a quote from The Office, a text from my partner, and a photo of my grandfather. "


Currently living and working in Philadelphia, PA

+ Dogs or Cats?

Cats. Always cats.

​+ Do you think white chocolate is really chocolate? 

White chocolate definitely isn't chocolate.

The light that got lost -- Altar & Memorial

4 color risograph on Rives Lightweight, 11x15", 2019