Kyle Schiffbauer

Even At The Thought Of It

inkjet on silk, cinder blocks, + found objects.

 silk is 44x44", overall dimensions are variable, 2019

"  I primarily work in printmaking and painting with a focus on personal experience with processing images, vulnerability, longing, masculinity, humor and the overwhelming nature of all of this at once. The imagery is sourced through cartoons, iPhone photos, and web-based design programs to extenuate the isolation and the creation of these moments while giving access points for viewers."


Based in Philadelphia 

+ Dogs or Cats? 

Defiantly a dog guy

+ If you won the lottery today, what would you do with the $$? 

If I won the lottery today I would probably buy a few expensive pieces of clothing and take my friends out to a nice dinner or something but then use the rest to pay off school and hopefully a studio space.