Stephen Klova


There was this pretty ass girl, i’m talking hot and she looked at me one time and I was smitten. Jesus, it was embarrassing. So I cried and cried and made this dumb print and she’s in Maine now, you know, miles away and I’ve got this print and the girl, she lives away, you know? I’ve been speed dating.

That shit’s grim.

You can’t saw sawdust but you can taste it from the tips of your fingers. It is like a biscuit and you cough and cough and cough and come to terms with the fact that sawdust, really not that good… smells good though."


Currently Based in Philadelphia, PA

+  Dogs or Cats?

Cats all the way

​+  Do you believe white chocolate is really chocolate?  

White chocolate, pretty whack, is also not real chocolate

A Possible Attraction

monotype with embossment, 12x12", 2018