To submit work, please email include the following:



  • Preferred Name + Pronouns

  • Email, Website, Instagram, etc.

  • Where are you from or currently based



  • Title, Medium, Dimensions, Year

  • In a *brief* paragraph, describe your studio practice or artist statement related to the work submitted.

  • Attach a high-quality jpg image of *one* selected work. 

    • Keep in mind that if selected, the image may be converted to a png with no background. Photo + Video work accepted will be kept to original format.

    • Please do not submit more than one piece.

  • Answer *two or more* questions from this quiz:​​

    • What have you been reading lately?

    • Coffee or Tea? 

    • If you won the lottery today, what would you do with the $$?

    • What is your favorite corner of YouTube?


Expect a reply within 2 weeks of submittal.

Upon entry, each artist will have their work in a group show viewable online on instagram. Artists will also be able to schedule a 30 minute time slot for a virtual studio tour via instagram.


Eligibility: Work submitted must have been made in the past two years. There are currently no limitations based on theme or medium of work, although you may request a theme. All artists are encouraged to submit work for consideration regardless of age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, or creed.



***Submissions are free + rolling --apply @ any time***